Behind Happy Faces is the perfect book for Common Reading, Freshman Experience, orientation, college classes and high school curriculum. Mental health issues are affecting the lives of every student. Behind Happy Faces is the most comprehensive book to address all of their concerns and empower students to take action.

Colleges and Universities

Behind Happy Faces offers advisors planning Common Reading, Freshman Experience and orientation a resource that encompasses all of the most prevalent mental health issues students face as they make the adjustment to college. The book provides answers and guidance to help make freshman year successful. Ross Szabo’s story chronicles how he attempted to make the transition from high school to college while dealing with bipolar disorder, what led to him dropping out his freshman year and his critical process to eventually graduating from college.

Behind Happy Faces has been used as a Common Reading book, Freshman Orientation resource and in classrooms in colleges and universities all over the country.

High Schools

Behind Happy Faces has been utilized as curriculum in numerous high schools. The topics covered in the book are perfect for health, psychology, life skills, development and other classes. Students relate to the challenges Ross Szabo and other young people talk about and receive invaluable advice about how to handle the issues for themselves, their friends and families. The book also provides great insight on how to prepare for the mental health impact while transitioning to college.