Chapter 4-Surviving the Storm: Dealing with a Mental Disorder

Dealing with a mental disorder is a complex, lifelong process. There are no quick fixes, magic bullets, or easy solutions for getting well. It won’t happen overnight. There’s no file to download. No subscription. Nor can you talk, trick, dance or negotiate your way out of a mental disorder. And the way you ultimately choose to deal with it will profoundly affect your future.

This chapter doesn’t have a 10-step plan, but it does have the following tips to keep in mind as you find what works best for you:

  • Seek help
  • Understand the diagnosis is only a starting point
  • Educate yourself about your medication
  • Learn as much as you can about the disorder
  • Cooperate with your mental health professional
  • Develop friendships that allow you talk about your problems
  • You are not your disorder
  • Maintenance

Each one of these suggestions can help a person in different ways. They may not come together all at once, they may not come easily, but change can happen. Everyone’s path is different. These lessons are vital in helping you regain your health!