Chapter 3-No One is Alone: Gender, Race, Class & Sexuality

We found a lot of stereotypes about emotions and mental health. They are an unfortunate part of every society. One of the best ways to change them is to identify the issues and educate others on the truth. This helps everyone learn more about the issues and the people involved.

This Chapter covers these common stereotypes:

  • All women can openly express emotions
  • Men don’t talk about how they feel
  • Racial differences in seeking help
  • People with more money don’t have these problems
  • Poor people can’t seek help
  • The LGBTQ community has more mental health issues to deal with

There are endless stereotypes that are applied to people of varying gender, race, class or sexuality. Regardless of which group you may belong to, the real truth is that people in any group can find help for their mental issues and will respond to treatment. It’s time to drop the labels and deal with the truth. Whatever that means for you.