Chapter 2-There’s Nothing Wrong With Me: The Reasons We Hide

A shocking 66% of people don’t seek help for a mental disorder and millions more are afraid to talk to a friend, family member or anyone about what they are experiencing. Stigma is definitely a reason that people don’t seek help, but it’s important to look past the word stigma and find the main reasons preventing people from taking that first step.

This chapter reports on the most common reasons people don’t open up including:

  • People will think I am “crazy”
  • It’s not that big of a deal
  • People will think I am weak
  • I can’t trust anyone
  • I can’t find the words
  • I hate myself

Working on the reasons someone doesn’t want to seek help might make the whole treatment process more comfortable. The emotions we have about being diagnosed or admitting something difficult can often be as detrimental as the problems themselves. It doesn’t need to be this way. Help is out there and the best thing anyone can do is to be honest about what is blocking him or her from opening up.